23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I got boil/abscess (may b hair pull) near the private area on hip-thigh it's hard nd painful from last 4 days applying coconut oil nd heat compress for 4-6 times in a day and warm compress of hot water with salt.but still same nd can't sit .unable to sit ,walk and lay down .I don't want any incision ..help me out

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Question: Today I had checkup my doctor said my baby seeming to be over the expected weight so she said go on diet from now on and do sit ups,walking. What diet should I follow ?? On walking for 3-4 min my stomach gets tight and I can't walk further so I'm taking breaks every 5 min will that count?? And what is sit ups how to do it??please anybody help me out
Answer: Have healthy diet..avoid sugar,fatty things.n have slow walk at start,u can gradually increase ur walking time..dnt over stress urself..
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