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Question: Hi I am twenty weeks pregnant.. Yesterday my level 2 scan done.. My baby weight is 335 gm.. But dr said me i hv left utrine artery early diastolic notching is seen and 2o.7 mm anterior wall fibroid is seen ...what is this please tell me im worry about it please

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Answer: hi dear! so diastolic notching is normal and should resolve as the pregnancy continues also it reflects the relationship between the growing placenta and the muscles and blood vessels in the uterus and it generally should disappear by 22 weeks of pregnancy and if it still persists then it can indicate hypertension (high bp) . so there are medicine also available dear. you should visit your doctor . and about the fibroid you dont have to worry as they will reduce in size in the whole pregnancy . with fibroid you cannot operate it in the pregnancy . you will have to keep a watch on the size of the fibroid in the scans. there is nothing to worry about . take care. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    satguru pari605 days ago

    Thank you very much mam i was worried regarding this thing now I'm satisfy thanks again.

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Question: Yesterday was my 20th week scan. In my report it was shown "early diastolic notching in left uterine artery high flow". Is this anything worrisome???
Answer: I will advise you to ask Dr about blood thinning medications and to help improve blood circulation. Vascular resistance should be adequate and not high or low both show a problem in fetal blood circulation.
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Question: Hi.. i am 31 weeks pregnant and recent sonography reports say's "Early diastolic notch seen in left uterine artery". What does it mean and is there anything need to worry about.
Answer: This is at a higher level, this means there is Resistance in the flow of blood to the uterus which will affect the growth of the foetus Your doctor must have given you some medicine so that blood flow to the uterus increase Continue those medicines there are chances of you to develop blood pressure All you need to do is take care of your diet increase protein in your diet increase the growth of the foetus as protein is the building block of human body So include egg cheese paneer curd Soya beans lentils kidney beans pulses and non veg egg chicken fish get plenty of rest and try to sleep in left lateral position Restrict the salt intake drink more water include coconut water buttermilk uses at cetera Go for a walk or yoga to regulate blood pressure Don't worry and follow up your doctor regularly to monitor the growth of baby
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Question: I hv done my ultrasound on my 19 weeks 2 days and doc told me it is Bilateral Uterine Artery Notching... pls tell is it somthing worry
Answer: hello dear yes there are chances of risk The presence of bilateral uterine artery notching between 23 and 25 weeks of gestation is an independent risk factor for the development or preeclampsia and the delivery of an SGA neonate in the absence of preeclampsia. so follow your doctor suggestions for this..
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