19 months old baby

Question: .Hi I am travelling for 3 days, and I am leaving baby with my mom, she is 18 months old and it is the first time I am leaving her.. she doesn't sleep properly especially at night.. I would like to know in any way gripe water helps her to sleep properly at night ? Wat else I can give her to make her sleep properly

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Question: Hello Everyone my baby is 7 month old .. she never sleep at night keep rubbing her eyes and pulling her ears and crying i feed her properly at night ... So what is the reason why she doesn't sleep
Answer: Hi dear. Make proper sleeping environment in your room , keep curtains on, take your baby to room everyday at fixed time ,, switch off the light, avoid any disturbance or activity in room, ask your family members not to enter the room, try to keep your baby awake during evening, when you will follow this same routine daily then within 7-8 days your baby will adapt it and start sleeping properly. Hope this will work
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Question: My baby sleep only at day time and doesn't sleep at night. Wat should I do to make her sleep at night?
Answer: May be ur baby born on day time so she is sleeping at day time and wakeup at night it continues for 2 months the best remedy is sleep when the baby is asleep and wake up with her at night because new born babies take time to adjust to our environment dont worry no sooner she adjusts to the day nite timings U can do one thing keep the surrondings silent and make her listen to lullaby music and just massage mildly on her head she will feel asleep soon
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Question: I have 18 days old boy baby,,, gripe water is safe to baby,, my baby doesn't sleep at night, am so much worried so
Answer: Hello! gripe water is not advisable by the doctors. according them it spoils the digestion system.Sometimes it may be cause of allergy.Some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies. 
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