30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am in my 29 th week. My HB is 9. Is it really low?

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Answer: It Should be at least 10.. I had 10 during my delivery.. it will still decrease for u as weeks pass if u didn't take care.. so take care and try to increase it dr
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    Kasturi Sanap421 days ago

    Do i need to take any injections or something to increase it?

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Question: My hb level is 11 ,am in my 9 th month is it ok?
Answer: Hello! The hb level is fine, there is no problem. Just make sure you continue taking your iron supplements on daily basis. Take care
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Question: I am 29 week pregnant my hb is. 10 is it normal
Answer: Your hbis low yaar , see normal hb level should be 12-16. So to increase haemoglobin you can intake Apples,Spinach ,Dates,Food rich in Vitamin C as Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron in our body,Jaggery,Beetroot,Pomegranate,Whole grain bread,cereals & pasta.,Folic acid is required to make red blood cells.,Keep yourself away from iron blockers i.e.Tea,coffee,cold drinks.,Keep yourself hydrated with 6-8 glasses of water everyday.
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Question: Hi. I am 29 week pregnant. My Hb is 9. Is it really low?
Answer: It is low. Take dates & fig daily. Have beetroot juice it helps to increase hb easily.
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