12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am in 11 th week of my pregnancy with no problems so far and my doctor has listed many tests for screening. Are all these actually required? Complete hemogram, VDRL, HBS AG, HIV 1&2, HCV, Thyroid profile, Torch profile and rubella, LFT & KFT, Urine R M C S, double marker, NT MB scan

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Answer: You can check this tesr in Google all are required to know if the status of your body is completely healthy or is capable enough to give birth to a healthy baby. Like as rubella or HIV if these things are positive then precautions will be taken before baby development on delivery. And thyroid profile is very important because mothers thyroid plays a major role babies brain development so if you have thyroid level more than 4 then doctor my suggest you medicine to cut it down in a normal range. I have not gone do all this test because this is a part of my regular health checkup and all the above test are already done.
Answer: Except LFT , KFT rest all are required. Everything is imp in its AOR so dnt neglect its all about your baby, NT scan is must, it shows the intial heart beat of your baby, the size of baby also.
Answer: It is very much necessary to take the test. Please take the tests as per doctor's advice. This will help to know better about the health of you and your baby
Answer: Yes. All r needed. I too have gone through all the tests. Its for chking baby growth and also ur health.
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Question: Dr suggested for internal ultrasound in 8th week. Reports are normal. Now this week is 12th week and Dr suggested for following ultrasound and tests as a routine check up . USG level 1 scan f16 dual marker and HIV ,HbsAg, HCV ,VDRL, HPLC ,Rubella lgG. All these ultrasound and tests cost around 9000 rs. I want to ask , every doctor recommend these tests as a routine check up ?
Answer: Hi dear,the test s are important as they will detect if there is any chromosomal abnormalities or not in ur baby and other tests detect if u r affected with rubella,syphilis or any other disease.so pls do it.
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Question: hi I m 8 and half month pregnant. my doctor suggested me some test related to blood 1. BT & CT 2. coagulation test P. T. I 3. HBC AG+ HIV+ HCV elisa 4. Hemogram complete are these tests are compulsory??
Answer: Yes its compulsory.... mereb sab hue h....BT -bleeding time, CT - clotting tym.... ye sab delivery k tym Prblm naa ho, baki b krwa lijiye....
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Question: Hi...I am 12 weeks pregnant with no problems faced so far however my doc has recommended me so many tests to me and my husband. Are these many test actually required? Complete hemogram, vdrl, hbs ag, hiv 1&2, h v, thyroid profile, torch profile, lft & kft, urine r m c s. And my husband is also asked to do : vdrl, hbs ag, hiv 1&2, ànti hcv Earlier also i had undergone many tests so i am worried that i may not be asked for unnecessary tests. Pls confirm.
Answer: Tests taken to you is common. But tests for the husband i have not heard of. Have a second opinion when a different doctor.
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