37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi....I am facing too much itching on vaginal area(genetial) & rectal area too...please tell me what to apply on it

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Answer: Hi dear it is due to and yeast infection that your vaginal area is itching a lt maybe it has spread upto your rectal area, please do not delay and report this to your doctor it needs to be treated well and now your doctor or would help you with an antifungal cream which you need to apply on your vagina to treat the problem and please have more water have got its a probiotic and it is good to treat fungal infection please where cotton 35 do not use spandex or Satin material and keep the area clean and dry always so that it doesn't aggravate..also do not wash the area with any kind of soap or intimate wash for the time being it happens because of the hormonal activity in your body which disturbs the pH balance of the vagina .. Hope this helps ..
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Question: I am 8th month pregnant. I am facing too much vaginal itching. Pls suggest some remedies
Answer: Hello dear... Vaginal itching in pregnancy is common, happens due to yeast or bacterial infections,it may cause irritation to the skin of vulva,there are few remedies will help in reducing vaginal itching,hope it might be helpful for you.. Good Hygiene The best way to stay away from vaginal itching is maintaining good hygiene,so it is advisable to wash your private part with plain water ,every usage of wash room,once or twice can use mild soap Add yogurt in diet It is essential to add yogurts or curd in your diet,will definitely protect you from vaginal infections. Stay hydrated It is essential to drink three to four litres of water a day,can include buttermilk,juice ,soup,so that it helps to retain water content in body and also prevents infections Wear loose clothes Don't wear tight clothes, because it may disturb airflow to vagina,so it is advisable to wear loose cloth during pregnancy Coconut oil You can also apply coconut oil,will help lot in controlling vaginal itching Clean and dry Always keep your vagina clean and dry,can use wiper ,and use after visiting washroom,can also change inner wear twice a day,will also help to stay dry, follow these steps,it might be helpful for you
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Question: im having too much itching on vaginal area?
Answer: Hello dear, vaginal Mild itching is common in pregnancy because of the increased blood supply to the skin, few tips which will help you to get some relaxation. A Cool Rag: Try holding a cool rag or towel up against the vaginal area. Do not use hot water on the rag or it could further irritate the tissue. Switch to cool showers and not hot to keep from raising the body temperature. Hot water is very hard on sensitive skin and tissues. Adding Yogurt to Your Diet: Eating yogurt is good for your health and helps to keep the body’s pH level balanced. Try to buy unsweetened and low-fat yogurt if you can and the Greek variety seems to balance pH the best. Baking Soda: You can either make a baking soda paste or add it to your bath water. Soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes to help relieve inflammation and itching. If you apply the paste to your bottom area, make sure to rinse with cool water. This will also help relieve itching to the abdomen as it stretches
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Question: Hi i am 37 weeks pregnant. I am facing itching problems on my chin, neck area and on other body parts. Please let me know whether it is normal and tell me what to do to cure this..
Answer: Hi, please consult the doctor. Sometimes due to the secretions from the liver it does happen. The doctor might ask you to get the liver function test and accordingly prescribe you medicine.
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