28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ,, I am conceived first time and i am planning to normal delivery and not interested to operation ,, any tips for normal delivery

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Answer: Walk 1/2 an hour twice a day. If there is no complication in your pregnancy as per doctor, you can do prenatal yoga exercises like butterfly exercises, squatting, lunges, keigel exercises. Do household works. Try to use Indian toilet. Before starting with this consult your doctor
Answer: Walk daily for 20 minutes and add milk and eggs in your diet for first six months then take healthy food which help child to grow stronger and avoid cool drinks,masalas,fats etc eat a lot of fruits for you and your child but not pappaya
Answer: Yes normal delivery is possible unless you have complications. Walking Keep a healthy diet Practice breathing techniques. Do some prenatal exercises (better to consult doc before doing)
Answer: There is a app called FIT PREGNENCY in this...please go through that and before starting it off consult your doctor
Answer: hii dear, Walking is the best tip for normal delivery. And u can do small work at ur home
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Question: Planning to have 2nd child tips for normal delivery
Answer: you should follow these tips 1. Stay away from stress: It is normal to feel stressful during pregnancy. But try to stay away from stress, anxiety, and random thoughts, because negative emotions can turn the process of childbirth into a nightmare. 2.Stay positive and refrain from negative birth stories: You may come across both easy and difficult childbirth stories. Listening to negative stories would make you more nervous and anxious, and may result in a panic-attack. 3.Walking and swimming: Both are highly recommended exercises for pregnant women. 4.Practice right breathing exercises: Breathing is something you don’t even notice. But it is the one thing that can make the whole labor process easier, negating the need for a C-section. 5.Try not to put on excess weight: Yes, it is important to achieve a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, but you don’t need to pile on the pounds. Overweight women can have problems during labor and may end up with a C-section.
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Question: My first delivery was operation now i am pregnant any chance to normal delivery
Answer: Hi! I would not say that Vaginal Birth after C Section or VBAC but some other things to b considered as well. Vbac should be attempted only if the previous pregnancy was c sectioned due to issue in baby. If the issue was with you like not dilated well, the Dr. will not recommend you try a vbac. Most Dr. recommend a 3 year gap between babies for the risk of scarring, it also depends on how well the previous c section was done and how clean the stitches are done. Consider all these factors and talk to a doctor who is supportive and knowledgeable on VBAC, If going for VBAC be active through the labor. Good luck either for VBAC or C-Sec.
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Question: Hi I am 8 months pregnant and my first delivery was C-section,I conceived after 6yrs now is there any chance of normal delivery?
Answer: Absolutely der is a chance😍 Coz mine was C sec and conceived aft 2 1/2 yrs with 2nd and ma doct said I can try normal delivery so good luck to u 😊👍Happy and safe delivery ❤️🤰🏻🕉
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