8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 8 weeks pregnant now, my lmp is 7th Nov.18, bt as per ultrasound done , its 8 weeks as of now, how and what causes delayed misconception? In the 5th week i had a heavy bleeding also and after 1 week again i had tvc in which heartbeat was found , what was it? How can a EDD be calculated correctly?

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Answer: Your edd is 14 august 2019 if your LMP is 7nov..in usg 1 or 2 WK less..so LMP is very importent
Answer: EDD calculated according ultrasound report but as per your LMP july14
Answer: It's because of ovulation...nothing to worry
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Question: My lmp was 9th Feb and Edd is 16th Nov. But as per sonography Edd is 13th Nov.. I am bit confused what ll be my Edd..
Answer: According to lmp ur edd is calculated on last menstruation periode date, and it varies with sonography edd because in sonography the edd is calculated on the age and growth of your baby., and it depends on your ovulation. It is impossible to find our ovulation time, we predict it and it may diffrent with the real ovulation time this time difference is seen in your edd date, dont worry. However most fun factor is that only few are delivered according to this calculated edd, most of the cases the delivery will before the edd
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Question: I calculated my week to be 7w1day but my scan showed 6w1day so no heartbeat yet. The doctor asked me to come after a week. Is it true abt the heartbeat? Is delayed conception normal? Im a little worried now
Answer: Yes. Its normal. delayed conception means delayed ovulation. So nothing to worry. Your baby is formed healthily. Just that the days are later. A week later your baby will have the expectex growth as shown in the scan. This happened to me as well. So nothing to worry. Enjoy your days :) cheer up
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Question: i had a miscarriage in april.. now i am expecting again as my Lmp was 26 nov.. please suggest me what precautions i need to follow..
Answer: Avoid papya brinjal... Foods which are high in heat... By birth avoid intake of it
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