9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi! I am 8 week and 2 days pregnant. I am having constipation. Everyone is saying that prunes can help. Is it safe to eat prunes or take prune juice?

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Answer: Yes dear it is safe I also used to take.. Also try having warm water with lemon and honey in empty stomach in he morning.... This also helps.. Take care
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Question: Hi m 29 week pregnant can i eat prunes
Answer: Yes.. Off course u can eat prunes. It's really good to u and ur baby
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Question: Hi ladies.. I am 8 week pregnant, I dont feel like to eat anything..i am having constipation, can i take Isabgol with milk to cure constipation.. Is it safe during pregnancy?? Please help
Answer: Hello dear.u r in ur first trimester now so it is absolutely nrml of not feel like eating anything.but though u have constipation u have to drink more n more water stay hydrated always n eat more fibre related food.u can eat isabgol with water avoid eating it with milk.drink one glass of little warm milk before u sleep it will help u get rid of ur constipation.
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am having hypothyroidism (12.2).. can I take lemon juice and orange juice.. is it safe for me to take it ?
Answer: Yes it is also safe ...bt 12.2 not a hypothyroidism this is also hyperthyroidism
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