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Question: Hi I am 6week pregnant. I took all blood test. In that result shows thyroid tsh level is 4.9. so doctor suggested me morning empty stomach tablet. could you please tell, should I need to take tablet life long for thyroid? Will I face any problem during delivery because of thyroid problem? Won't it reduced to normal?

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Answer: Hi friend if you have develop hypothyroidism during pregnancy then there is a chances that it will become fine after some months of delivering the baby mostly it does become fine but in some cases you have to continue the medicine and the medicine dose keeps changing according to how it is affecting your body take care.
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Question: Hi Iam 6week pregnant I took my blood test on 20th sep at tht time my Tsh was 7.38 but as per Dr advice I took another blood test on 8th Oct in fasting now the tsh is 3.46 free t4 is 1.28 Dr told me to take 12.5mg tablet for thyroid is it normal? Wht is the normal range?
Answer: In first trimester it should be less than 2.5, doctor as advised you for thyroxine tablet so please don't worry and take this medicine as per your doctor's advice. Take care
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Question: Hi dr...my thyroid tsh level was 7.74..i took tablet for 4months..now the level came down to 1.5 i stopped taking tablet without doctor consultation...is it ok or will there be any problem in future
Answer: Hi, dear don't stop the medicine because the thyroid level will increase. Please consult with your doctor and as your level is controlled she will give you medication with low dosage to control the level..
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Question: I am 10th week of pregnancy my blood test result shows TSH level is 7.52 will affect on my baby pls tell me some tips... doctor advised to take thyroid tablet.
Answer: Yes you need to take medicine of thyroid....yes it may effect your baby...n take medicine everyday ...don't skip any day......take thyroid medicine as per suggested by the doctor.....it is required ....
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