7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi! I am 6 week pragnent, i want to ask is there any risk in bikini wax? As i am addicted to it and feeling to uncomfortable with hair growth.

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Answer: Pleasw avoid waxing during pregnancy .. if you want to remove the unwanted hairs then use razor at this point of time .. also dont use any sented soaps ,chemicals to your skin , natural ingredients are the best
Answer: No problem, yu can go with it
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    Bhavisha Patel798 days ago

    Are u sure???

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Question: I want to ask something...can i do under legs wax or use veet...i am 7 months pregnant...as it is very uncomfortable nowadays..
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can do both. But since the skin becomes sensitive due to the hormonal changes, first get a a patch test done.
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Question: Hi can i go for bikini wax ..i used to have wax before pregnancy as well ..all growing hair and heat is really uncomfertable
Answer: Hi dear don't go for bikno wax u can try hair removal cream or go for a razer
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Question: Hi can i go for bikini wax. Is it safe as i am 6 week pregnant.
Answer: No plz dont go for bikini wax... Use hair removal cream..
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