37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 37weeks pregnant.Since last few days my lower eyelid of both eyes are swollen.What will be the reason???

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Answer: It may be harmonal changes play games
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Question: Hello, I am noticing swelling below both the eyes of my baby from past 6-7 days..what is the reason for the same & what should I do ??
Answer: Hi dear,swelling indicates an eye infection.I'm giving u some home remedies but before using it u should consult with doctor as some infections can really be harmful.U can use saline water to clear ur baby's eye, cold tea bag will also help hold it on eye will relax the eye,u can also use a cotton soaked in mild hot water and hold it on eye will help to reduce the swelling,make sure the cotton is clear enough.Hope this will help,Take care.
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Question: Hi...my son is 8months old and i am still breast feeding him .from last few days my legs are paining a lot ...what can be the reason.
Answer: Dear its completely fine and safe to breastfeed baby for long time . You can breastfeed your baby till baby is 1+. So legs pain can be because of calcium deficiency or just because of exertion. Just take a leg massage and do some hot compress on your legs that will hibe you relief.
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Question: Am only breast feeding but baby's poop is little bit tight for last few days... What will be the reason
Answer: Aapke khane mei koi cheez aayi hogi jisse baby ko constopation hua hoga but dont worry babies recover by themselves check ur diet prpleperly.eat potatoes or daal
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