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Question: Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant my TSH test came 3.56 during first trimester tests and doctor advised to take thyroid tablets. Whereas when I consulted with other gynae (family friend) she advised its not higher range and it will be totally fine if I am not taking tablets so I am following her advice but I am little concerned about my baby too. Whether not taking thyroid tablets can put an adverse affect on babies growth? Anyone please suggest what should I do?

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Question: My gynae advised me blood sugar testing 2hrs after 75gm glucose. My result is 150 (Normal range-80-140). I have no family history / prev history for diabetes. Am i suffering from DM or Gest. Diabetes. I have been advised Metformin. But not very sure. Kindly advise.
Answer: U will b asked to test blood sugar level once again till that continue taking metformin.. Metformin will never affect ur baby or ur pregnancy.. just like folic acid n multivitamin include this.. If ur levels are low after testing for the second tym u will b advisef not to continue metformin.. Happy pregnancy!!
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Question: I have completed 36 wks and 4 days..i had a doppler scan and blood test today..scan report looks normal but the TSH in blood report shows 4.8..which is slightly high.In the earlier tests, TSH was in normal range and I am not under medication for the thyroid problem..Can someone tell me the cause for this sudden rise of TSH and whether it will cause any issues...because i only have few wks left for delivery
Answer: Dont knw why its high....but its not gud for ur baby....do consult your doctor..
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Question: hi, i just got my blood reports for tests in first trimester. everything is normal.just my t3 t4 levels are raised, but tsh is within normal range. t3 : 2.30 ng/ml t4: 12.9 ug/dL tsh: 1.1 uIU/ml i am currently into 9th week. i am worried. before pregnancy, my thyroid levels were all ok. there is no family history of thyroid. is this normal or there is anything to be worried about or should be taken care of. thanks in advance
Answer: Nothing much to worry.dr will suggest to take thyroid medicine.
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