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Question: Hi. I am 13 weeks pregnant and suffering from vaginal itching and discharge. few days back I got yeast infection for which doctor had suggested me to insert a capusle inside for 3 nights. after this the infection was gone but again yellow discharge and itching started. I m tired with it. please help

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Answer: Try to stay away from vaginal infection.keep the area clean by cleaning with Luke warm water with salt in it.do it thrice.in the morning.evening and before u go to bed at night. also meet the gynac immediately and tell her about the infection not going away.follow the medications strictly.infection can have bad effects on the baby.though it's common in most woman,taking it lightly can have adverse effects on baby's health.
Answer: Even i had same problem.. doc also told me to insert capsule in vagina for 3 nights...After 1 week again u got vaginal itching..
Answer: Please consult ur doc again
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    Bharti Thakkar639 days ago

    ok. thanks

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Question: Hi, i am 25 weeks pregnant. I have got vaginal yeast infection and have started candid pessaries. Will my baby get affected because of this.
Answer: Hi dear Dont worry. Vaginal infections are common in pregnancy. And if candid tab are given just have it. It will cure the infection. Only if your infection increases you might be given heavy dose. Your baby will not be affected so dont worry. Happy pregnancy.
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Question: Hi I'm 7 n half weeks pregnant. I have itching in vaginal area. It's because of yeast infection. Which I had last year also. Can I use candid B cream inside my vagina for itching and yeast infection? And how many times should I use?
Answer: Hello! Please do not apply candid b cream there. It is better that you once consult the doctor for the infection. Also always keep the area clean and dry. Use only water to clean the area and no soap or intimate wash. Take care
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Question: I completed 5 months. Last month i was told i have yeast infection.. i used canestan topical cream and vaginal tablets.. everything seemed better.. but i started discharging clear liquid again since yesterday.. please help..is it yeast infection?
Answer: Hello dear. If it is sticky and odorless then it is normal though if it is same like you had when you were having the infection I think you should report it to ur doctor immediately. Hope it helps.
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