10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...I am 10 weeks pregnant, I don't feel hungry at all..what should I do?

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Answer: Hi dear try taking mint/ pudina leaves chutney or coriander leaves chutney.... It will induce hunger..
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Question: I don't feel hungry at all. How can I get hungry?
Answer: U have to eat for your baby. Just think positive and eat healthy. Consult doctor to take some medication which helps to produce hunger.
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Question: What should i do to have more hungry i don't at all feel hungry
Answer: Dear lack of appetite or less appetite common in early and mid pregnancy.it is due to pressure on the stomach by growing uterus. drink plenty of fluids.drink water before half and hour each meals .have small frequent meals.have a healthy diet, keep your calories check daily.in addition baby continue to grow from your blood circulation.take care
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Question: I don't feel hungry ...what can I do...I am 3 month pregnant
Answer: Dear because of hormonal changes you can sufbut for your baby's health and development you have to eat you can't keep your baby on starvation. Eat small amount of food after frequent time interval. Hope it helps.
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