2 months old baby

Question: Hi Dr. My baby is 2 months old and she is on top feed and she spit up milk(phata hua), so is it normal??

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Answer: Feeding only on fore milk can cause motion issues, see that baby take feed for atleast 20 minutes.
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Question: Hello.. My baby is 3 months old.. She spit up 4 times today.. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear it is normal. When babies drink too much milk in one go they might spit it up. Which is quiet normal do not worry. Because too milk may cause reflux when you make baby burp the extra milk is coming out. Nothing to worry😊
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Question: My baby is 1month old ...she spit out milk 4-5TIMES after feed and during feed..yesterday she vomit also once..iam little worried .is it normal to spit out milk
Answer: Don't forget to burp baby after feeding...due to gas baby generally vomits n if baby doesn't burp then make her sleep towards the left side,it helps in digestion
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Question: Hi, my baby is 3 month 20 days old. She spit out curded milk after every feed. Neaely 2 to 3 times after a feed. She is exclusively on breastfeeding. Is such spit out is normal?
Answer: Hello Milk spitting is also called as reflux, more common in children below 1yr of age, because her digestive system is still developing, or probably she overfed. Make following changes in your way of making her burp. Burp her frequently even if she seems to be comfortable while feeding Changing her position while feeding, will also slow her gulping and hence less air will be swallowed If she's bottle fed, burp her after 80-90ml of feed and if breastfed than burp while switching to other breast Hold the baby in an upright position for 20 to 30 minutes after each feeding If bottle-feeding, make sure the hole in the nipple is neither too big (which lets the formula flow too fast) nor too small If the hole is the proper size, a few drops should come out when you invert the bottle, and then stop. Curd milk is no problem as it is excess milk which is not digested.
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