18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Doctor have prescribed iron and calcium tablets only not Folic acid.Is it necessary to have Folic acid till the time of delivery? For 1st two months only doctor prescribed Folic acid.

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Answer: You have to take folic acid till delivery and after also for some time... It is very important for the baby....
Answer: Did doc asked u to stop folic acid? Please check with her again.
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Question: Hello..my dr recommend only folic acid tablets..is it necessary to take calcium and iron tablets??
Answer: In later weeks dr will prescribe iron amd calcium tablets. Initial stage only folic acid tablet is given.
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant .. I'm taking only calcium and iron tablets no folic acid ..my doc prescribed folic acid till 12 weeks only. Is it ok to take only calcium and iron tablets now ???
Answer: hello dear you can have Folic acid in the first trisemester and that is the first 3 months and after that from second trisrmester you have to have calcium and iron tablets till delivery.
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Question: in which month doctor prescribed iron and calcium tablets... at this time doctor only given me folic acid and evion tablets
Answer: I was given those after completing 3rd month. In 13th week, to be precise
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