13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi Doctor, I am having small bleeding from last Monday. I went to the hospital and they gave me Sustain injection and progesterone tablets for a week. Why does this happen and when would the bleeding stop?

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Answer: Wait for another 4 days and test. Result will be positive.
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    Noopur831 days ago

    Hi these injection and tablets are given to stable the pregnancy in early stage and prevent from miscarriage. Please take care ic your self, do not lift heavy objects, do proper rest, eat healthy. Stay positive dear 😘 baby dust to you

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Answer: Progesterone is given to help stabilize placenta and reduce bleeding. Do not worry one usg will be done on 10--12th week
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Question: Hi...i went to hospital for checkup they gave folic acid tablets and progesterone tablets...its written on tablets to store under 25 degrees temperature,should I keep in fridge? Since room temperature is 29 degrees
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Question: Im eighteen week preganant... From 2 month i started to use progesterone soft gelatin capsules... Stil im using ...why my doctor gave this tablets and when to stop using this tablet
Answer: It is necessary to take these tablets as it is a progesterone hormone which helps and sustaining the pregnancy and preventing the bleeding. You should never discontinue this medicine without your doctor's consent
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