9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, Can we eat banana, grapes and sapota during pregnancy from first trimester??

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Answer: Yes dear U can eat bananas, grapes and sapota in pregnancy. U can have banana during pregnancy but have in moderation as it can cause constipation. Grapes aren’t just safe but they can be extremely healthy. This is because grapes are a natural source of minerals, vitamins and other key nutrients. But avoid if u have high blood sugar or is allergic to grapes. Sapota fruit is rich in many nutrients and which is good to be eaten in pregnancy. It is low in fat content and has zero cholesterol as well. The sapota also helps in reducing morning sickness and dizziness as well.
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Question: Can we eat pineapple and banana during early pregnancy? Like the first trimester?
Answer: Pineapple should be completely avoided as it can cause miscarriage.. But you can have bananas.. Infact I used to take irregular as it helped to give me instant energy and also helps in digestion... Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi can we eat Sapota during first trimester
Answer: Surely dear why not. It is actually very high in fibre which will.keeo ur digestion good.so surely u can have sapota in ur diet as well other seasonal fruits. Make sure to wash them well dear. U should avoid pine apple papaya and grapes during pregnancy dats it.
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Question: Can we eat grapes during first trimester or during pregnancy
Answer: No..The main reason is the high amounts of resveratrol present in grapes. So avoid eating grapes dear
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