13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.... As i told i m bleeding from morning and consulted doctor.... We had done ultrasound... But in ultrasound my baby was not showing... He did ultrasound 3 times and he told us may be we had miscarriage.... I dont know wht to do... I m worried so much..... Plz suggest me..... Agar mera miscarriage hota toh.. Mujhe bleeding mein pata chala jata aisa bhi nhi hua... Utlrasound mein baby nhi dikh raha h...

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Answer: hi dear! if you were bleeding so much did you see any clots in the bleeding. if yes then this could be it. so if the baby is not seen in the sonography then you might have miscarried . dont feel sad dear. its fine. it happens. you can try for another baby dear. and you will need some test to know the reason of miscarriage your doctor will help you with it . take care.
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Question: Hi, I'm expecting my first baby. I want to knw about all the vaccinations, test and ultrasound durations. when we need all these. I have no clue about all these. I am 14 weeks pregnant.. mujhe pata he nahi chala tha that I'm expecting so first trimester mein mera kuch nahi hua ab kal Dr. Ne mujhe ultrasound k liye bulaya hai. so first trimester mein agar kuch vaccinations , test and ultrasound nahi hua hai toh usko cover up kaise kiya jayega and koi prob. toh nahi hogi Issey plz suggest. and aagey second trimester mein kon kon se test, ultrasounds vaccinations hotey hai plz guide mein.
Answer: Hello! dont worry dear..first of all many many congratulations..Two vaccines are specifically recommended for pregnant women: the flu (influenza)vaccine, which should be given during the first or second trimester of pregnancy; and the Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis) vaccine, given when you're 27 to 36 weeks pregnant to guard against whooping cough (aka pertussis) and Most healthy women receive two ultrasound scans during pregnancy. "The first is, ideally, in the first trimester to confirm the due date, and the second is at 18 weeks to confirm normal anatomy.
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Question: Hai I had missed miscarriage first time and I m pregnant second time and I m 5weeks of my pregnancy I consulted doctor he has prescribed folic tablets and another hormone tablet this hormone tablet should b taken thro vaginal route says doctor I am little bit nervous and dont know for wht doctor has asked to do this method.plz do help me
Answer: Hi! The hormonal tablets are progesterone tablets. Progesterone is given to sustain a Pregnancy in case the doctor feels that there may be a threat to the embryo. Progesterone is vital for the viability of pregnancy during the first trimester after which the placenta takes over to maintain the pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor & ask the reason behind your prescription. Progesterone oral pill or vaginal suppositories are most often prescribed to maintain a pregnancy if you have a past history of miscarriages or bleeding. Its safe pld continue to do what Dr. has asked. Good luck!
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Question: Hello..i m having bleeding from yesterday..doc gave medicine to stop.bt he told tht u might get miscarriage..wht to do?
Answer: Dear don't be panic nothing like that, agar heavy bleeding with stomach pain hsai to problem ho sakti hai but spotting ho rhi ho to dr kuch injections and tablet denge or complete rest batayenge and also go for ultrasound,, gar bar bleeding matlb kuch galt ho aisa jaruri nahi hai so take bed rest
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