33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi All, My 33rd week of pregnancy is going on but the fundal height measured is 25 cm. Is this normal? If not what should be taken care now onwards? Please suggest.

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Question: I am going to take Anamoly scan by this week. Can you suggest me if the scan should be taken in colour or black & white is sufficient?
Answer: Hello dear. Black and whute is sufficient. Though doctor guve the choice of colored and I went for it but my sister got the black and white done the difference is the colored one is more clear as it has colors offcourse. Completely your choice though. Hope it helps.
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Question: This app says that at this stage baby's height should be 67-71.3 cm, but my daughter's height is 64cm. Why the difference? How do the height increase?
Answer: Hi dear. clear app is calculating everything on average basis and on the basis of age but keep in mind that height depends upon in jeans so if you and your partner is of good height then definitely your baby will have good height and don't worry there are so many babies who are less in height at their early age and then eventually they start increasing their height rapidly so just don't worry about the same dear and this is just a minor difference should not bother about it
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Question: Is this normal to feel mild cramps in 8th month... 33rd week going on..???
Answer: Hello dear Some abdominal aches and pains during pregnancy are quite common and generally pose no threat to you and your baby. Abdominal pain is mainly caused by: 1. Gas and bloating 2. Constipation is 3. Round ligament pain Try following tips to get relief from pain: 1. Sit down, put your feet up, and relax 2 .A hot water bottle or heating pad might help. 3. Drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. 4. When you do feel a pain, bend towards the pain to relieve it.
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