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Question: Hi, 1 1/2 bfr I got married. After 2 months they diagnosed pcod problem & thyroid after treatment my period got regularised till last month My LMP s 22nd Jan Feb 22nd I missed my period around 7 days. sday i took home test but it was negative. Apart from Back pain & mild abdominal cramps I dnt feel any other symptoms. Can anyone give me hopeful reply. Pls...

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Answer: Hi Dr.. U may recheck with early mrng urine... Wait for 10mins without disturbing the card..... Hope will give you a happy result... Pls mark helpful if you feel this as helpful
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Question: Hello doc. Today is my first day of periods 27 feb. plz tel me my ovalution days.. Past month my lmp was 1 jan. Now i got my period on 27 feb.. I dnt know what happen why my period is so late.. I had pcos. I had taken treatment also. And after treatment my periods on tym bt now in feb my periods is delay. Now i had period on 27 feb. Plz tell me my ovalution days
Answer: Dear Ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you ovulate around day 14, and your most fertile days are days 12, 13 and 14. so according to that your ovulation days starts from 11-15 march. Having sex in these days will increase your chances of pregnancy..
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Question: Hiii, 4 years i had pcod problem and i used medicines after that my periods are regular from past 2 years. I got married 10 months back and got pregnancy in october, and miscarriage in january because of no heartbeat, is this happened because of my pcod probelm?? After miscarriage i got my periods within 1 month.
Answer: Hi dear miscarriage can be for various reasons now it is something that you have to find out from your doctor as to why the miscarriage has happened if you are periods were regular then the possibility is less at times it happens due to sustainability issues I would suggest you to please talk to your doctor and I know the reason plan your next accordingly however please delay for 4 to 6 months at least to plan next.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello mam..Iam 29 years old I got married 7 months ago I have thyroid and pcod 3 months back I was consulted doctor and treatment alsi started my last period 22November and this month Missed my period last night suddenly I had lower back pain and today morning started my period lightly Iam confusing what should I do..
Answer: Do a home pregnancy test and at both results (+ or -) consult ur gynaecologist. If positive than congratulations and ur gynecologist will start giving you medicine and folic acid tablets for development of baby. If negative than ur gynaecologist will treat you for irregular periods. Best of luck dear.
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