9 months old baby

Question: Hey hii... My daughter is 9 month s old now ... I am giving semi solid correctly along with bm even though she is thin and looks like short girl.. her height is 66 cm and weight is 7.25 kg.. is she is ok .. plz guide me to improve her height

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Question: My baby s 3 year 5 months old her weight is 12.5 kg and height is 98 cm...am worried because everyone s saying she is looking very
Answer: Hello! Please do not worry about what others say. There is no problem if the your baby is active . Try to make sure she takes sufficient vegetables and seasonal fruits in daily basis. You can add dry fruits in the porridge and add ghee in the food. Also give her milk and milk products. If you are a non vegetarian,then please give one egg on daily basis. Take care
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Question: Hi my daughter is short in her age group kids .how to improve her height and what is proper height according to her age?
Answer: Hello dear. At 6 years it should be around 115.5 cms. Dear the height and overall devlopment of the baby depends on the healthy and balanced diet. Your child’s height depends on various factors like genes, the level of physical activity, quality of diet, his overall medical condition and so on. No one factor can determine your child’s height, but there are natural ways to increase height in children.You should include foods like Milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken, Soybeans, Dairy Based Foods, Fish. Hope it helps.
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Question: my daughter s 72 cm height and 7.8kg weight. she s not upto the age. what can do for increase height and weight. at birth she had 50 cm height and 3.1 kg weight.
Answer: give her banana shake, nuts, dates and home made besan laddu. prepare them in desi ghee and grinded nuts at home
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