1 months old baby

Question: Hey hi all... my 1 month old baby got pimples on face and complete face became redish... we even took her to hospital and we are using ointment suggested by doctor but there is no much improvement... it's almost a week completed... please suggest...

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Answer: If she is taking your breast milk then stop to take oily food . You have to take oil free food .
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Question: Blood transfusion is necessary for my baby who is preterm birth weight is 1.6 kg now her weight is 6.6 her hemoglobin level is 6.5 sge is 11 months old from one month 10 days we are using all iron and calcium supplements but there is no improvement in her weight she is looking so small according to her age
Answer: Dear I would suggest a recipe which really helped twice in raising the Hb levels for kids in my familuy. Just prepare a soup with Tomato, Carrot, Beetroot, Spinach, Amla and tulsi. Boil all these together and mashed and strain the soup and give it to your baby. Trust me within a week the levels would be up. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii..., my baby always rubbing his face when he is wake up and while playing... And his face became hard and redness... Even i changed face cream now I'm using the cream which was suggested by my pediatrician... What can I do to control his rubbing nd make his skin smooth..?
Answer: Hi, for smoothnees of face skin u should try mamaearth's milky soft face cream for babies. It is very mild , chemical free and non - sticky also.
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Question: Doc on my baby's face pimples have appeared and they are spreading on whole face.. I've used calamine lotion but no improvement.. Please help.. Shld I have to go to hospital?
Answer: Please consult your pediatrician.Even my baby had the same problem doctor gave him an ointment to apply
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