39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey...am facing a lot of braxton hicks... Which are quite like labour pains... Any technique or old nushkha to treat them... Pls let me know... Am suffering alot of pain

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Question: I'm facing lot of back pain is hot bag is good or cold pack can u pls let me know
Answer: applying both heat and cold to your back may help. If your health care provider agrees, start by putting cold compresses (such as a bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel) on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. After two or three days, switch to heat -- put a heating pad or hot water bottle on the painful area. Be careful not to apply heat to your abdomen during pregnancy.
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Question: Hey. This side first time mom to be. I have heard a lot of scary labour stories. Any solution to ease and cope up with labour pains?
Answer: Labour is painful but it can be manageable.. don't go with other's experiences..u just need to mentally prepare urself... it's just pain of few mins or may be hours if u can come across it your bundle of joy will say hello to u...so think about only bringing out ur baby not the pain..it was created by God and God will only give us strength to overcome it..so be chill and all the best..
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Question: Post delivery after 1 month..i m getting lot of hair fall..pls let me know any remedies to treat?
Answer: Hello dear.. Hairfall after delivery happen due to harmonal changes, stress, dehydration, so follow these remedies... Have a nutrious diet, with lot of fruits and veggies, include curry leaves in your diet Don't skip folic acid tablet Have a handful of dryfruits daily You can use homemade herbsl oil, will control hairfall, and can make hairpack made of green gram ,weekly once,will give you thick hair
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