6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey,after urine i feel inflammation in my vaginal area and its too irritating and painful..kindly suggest what to do?

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Answer: It is sign of dehydration. You should drink lots of water and try to consume water based fruits as well. This will give you relief. When i was pregnant i also had same issue and i started consuming water more.
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    Ravina Bhandari605 days ago

    Thanks manyata

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Question: urine leakage is more and I feel itching in vaginal area what to do
Answer: Because there's an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it can cause irritation of the skin of the vulva. So it could just be because of your discharge, or it could be a sign of an infection like a yeast infection, UTI etc. It is normal. You can find some relief with baking soda baths (soaking in it a bit). Or you can use over the counter products like Vagisil. You can also look more into how to change the pH with diet and the like. I read that yogurt will help. As I recall, semen will also change the pH of the vagina so if your partner is readily available - you might give that a try. Keep that area dry & clean, use proper undies & maintain hygiene. Use mild products on skin & wear loose clothes & let it breathe.
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Question: Hi. Am 14 weeks pregnant and I feel itching in my vaginal area. Pls suggest me what to do
Answer: Hi dear if you are experiencing white discharge with bad smell and vaginal itching then it indicates chances of infection. Maintain your intimate hygiene and apply coconut oil to get some relief. Also eat a bowl of curd daily to prevent chances of infection. In your next visit with your doctor definitely mention this problem and take necessary test to check whether there is any infection or not because untreated vaginal infection can cause harm to your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: its my second week after normal delivery and i feel pain in pubic area and also after urination i feel burning feeling in stitches. What should i do?
Answer: Hi,this is common to have some pain and discomfort in stitches there is nothing to worry.but burning in urination can be due to infection so it is advisable to have More if fluids you can also apply coconut oil to the stitches
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