14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hey... M shivangi. I m 14 weeks pregnant..when my pregnancy period started end of the month I m slipped... My back was injured.. But now a days the pain is continue when I m laying on my back side... Can u plz suggest what we do

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Question: My wife's period is late by 4 days... Should she do pregnancy test now, last period was on 20th Jan, in December period started on 22nd, when we tested on Jan 21st morning the result was negative.
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally a pregnancy test should be done after 7 days of missing periods. So wait until 26th and ask her to take the test next morning with first urine to get accurate result. Hope it helps.
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Question: My period started on 18April and end off 24April now iam pregnant and when was my delivery exect date on?
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Due date is calculated by adding 280 days(40 weeks) to the first day of LMP.your due date would.be January 23,2019.
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Question: I want baby in the end of this year. and my last period was started on 23 jan. now I m planning to conceive baby. on which day we have to get intimate so that I will be pregnant
Answer: 15 days after ur first period,mean if u got ur period on 23rd jan u have to make love from 5 feb to 10 or 11 feb if u have 28 day cycle to concive
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