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Question: Helo lmp jan17..35 day also kit shows negative having breast tenderness ..low abdimin pain..low back ache ..and legpain ..occasionally and more at night..then why it is negative..pls help

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Answer: hi dear if you are lmp was January 17th and already 35 days have passed but your periods has not come and your pregnancy report is also negative then I think it is the best time to speak to your doctor and since you are also having breast tenderness and lower abdominal pain etc. please do not delay I think few blood work and then USD is important to find out the reason so you can no see your doctor soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi .. My LMP was 21 march... My cycle is regular and i hv never missed my periods... My pregnancy test at home is giving me negative results only... But i have nauseating feeling, tenderness ia breast, occasionally white vaginal discharge, lower back pain etc... Kindly advice if I should wait or go for Beta HCG test..... TIA
Answer: Hi dear, better to go for hcg test now. After blood test you will get clarification.
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Question: at night my breast milk is too low and why we need to more milk so what can I do
Answer: Hi.. Dear to tell you frankly, the best way of increasing breast feed is nurse, nurse and nurse your baby. Also, it is very important that your baby takes feed in the correct way. If he/she is unable to latch on to the nipple or is in the wrong position, he/she will find it hard to feed.  Moreover, include oatmeal, fenugreek, garlic, spinach, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits, in your diet.. It will give you some and in breast milk production.....
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Question: After 1 day of missed period upt shows very faint line but today it shows negative and I checked in first urine sample...wat is the meaning of this... My LMP is 19 Jan . And I have back pain breast tenderness ..And it symptom of pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear I really you need to take a pregnancy test after 6 to 7 days of missing period so if you have taken the test just after one day please wait for few more days and around 7th day take another test because all your symptoms seems to be positive for pregnancy.. Wish you all the luck!
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