7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helloo...i am 6wk pregnant woman,i have one doubt..how much does a pregnant woman gain her weight in the 6wk of her pregnency...if there is no any vomiting symptoms..bt had no food craving...

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Answer: Its completely normal to have no vomiting and food cravings.. and you can probably gain 2kgs. If your diet is healthy enough you can gain more weight in coming days. Good luck.
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Question: How does depression and self doubt of a pregnant woman affect her 23 weeks old baby?
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause sadness and anxiety. It does have impact on ur child. A child may have: 1 have problems sleeping, 2 may be delayed in their development, 3 have more colic, 4 be quiet or 5 develop skills or reach developmental milestones later than other babies. Involve urself in meditation, listen to good n soothing music , read good books
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Question: Hi i have a doubt.. From the fifth month of pregnancy to birth, how much weight gain is normal for a healthy pregnant woman?
Answer: hi dear in the total 9 month pregnancy period you need to gain minimum 10 to 12 kgs for healthy growth of your baby. you can gain more than that, its common Don't worry.
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Question: I'm 7weeks pregnant.. bt I've no symptoms in my body like vomiting sense... bt i feel very tired... is there any problem? I've not feel any changes in my body... so I've a doubt.. is there possible to pregnancy time? Many people asked me any symptoms in your body? Bt I've none..
Answer: Dont worry dear... Every pregnancy is different... I also didnt had vomiting sensation or dizziness... But always felt tired... Soon u will get to see the changes in your body like ur aerolas will get darker and bigger... dont get tensed...Enjoy your pregnancy...
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