2 months old baby

Question: Hello wats the reason for red acne on new born face n how long it would take to get ok my baby is 1 month old he suffering from red acen on his face since 10 days

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Question: My baby is having red rashes on his face..why it is so n how to get rid from it?
Answer: Hiii dear ...it is common in many babies as it was summer its due over heat or any skin infection .. just give bath 2 baby with warm water instead of very hot water..and add some neem leaves to that water and also apply gingerlly oil in the rashes ...as its naturally anti fungal nature helps to cure many skin problems . U will aslo apply freshly expressed breastmilk on the pimples it will help to cure them and u will also apply coconut oil..
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Question: Iam 10 week pregnent...i got pimple n acne on my face how to get rid of it??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy pimples and acne are due to hormonal changes drink lot of water avoid oily food apply basil and rose water paste clean after one hour besan curd and turmeric paste also apply and clean after one hour they will go away
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Question: There are red rashes on my new born baby..he is just 10 days old??what should I do??
Answer: Congratulations. It's normal. Please take your baby to sunlight early in the morning around 7 to 9. Remove his/her cloths and put her/him for 15 -20 mins. It will go away soon
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