37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, today I got my blood test report in which (Alkaline phosphatase shows 381.0 ) , P C V ( HCT) shows 34.3% & MPV shows 11.7 ,,, pls suggest me is there any problematic because these tests are written in bold letters. Pls rply fast.

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Answer: hi dear! so they are high dear. you will have to check for the bp and if that is also high do meet your doctor dear. i would suggest you to see your doctor dear. dont worry it will be solved just the reports are suppose to be seen carefully and check for any problems in the past. dont worry everything will be fine. take care dear.
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    Shirin B847 days ago

    Thanks a lot mam

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Question: My wife is 17 weeks pregnant and today i have got her blood test report in which it is written neural tube and abdominal wall defect..please suggest what does it mean..doctor says further test named NIPT and aminocentesis
Answer: Get an anomaly scan from a good center done 18 to 20 weeks. NIPT though expensive offers complete chromosomal analysis of the baby. It is non invasive and done using mothers blood sample, it should be done first. Amniocentesis is however invasive and has minimum chances of miscarriage. See a fetal medicine specialist if possible Hope this information is useful to you.
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Question: Hello doctor... I'm 18weeks pregnant... I got traces of blood in my urine report though the culture report was sterile....my doctor has asked me to get pdf and th 1 cytokines test done....can you provide me with the relevance of these tests
Answer: Hello dear ur doctor has adviced u to get pdf and th1 cytokines test, in order to confirm the miscarriage
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Question: I have completed 36 wks and 4 days..i had a doppler scan and blood test today..scan report looks normal but the TSH in blood report shows 4.8..which is slightly high.In the earlier tests, TSH was in normal range and I am not under medication for the thyroid problem..Can someone tell me the cause for this sudden rise of TSH and whether it will cause any issues...because i only have few wks left for delivery
Answer: Dont knw why its high....but its not gud for ur baby....do consult your doctor..
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