32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello to all.. Today my Dr says ur baby size is small.. Tomorrow chk for colour ultrasound.. As it's mid 8th month.. Iam afraid now.. What will happen

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Answer: hi dear! so your doctor might have suggested for colour doppler to see if the baby is getting sufficient blood supply . as insufficient blood supply can cause retardation of the growth dear. so do this test and we will come to know what the problem is if there is nay . also start having alot of protein like eggs , panner ,soya , tofu . also threptin biscuits and almonds and i hope you are taking some protein powder dear. dont worry we should see what comes in the reports dear. take care.
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    Anonymous842 days ago

    Thanks for guidance but it's seriously problem or not

Answer: Sont worry dear bleav in GOD
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Answer: Hi, hope you are doing good.normally biochemical changes in liver test during pregnancy is normal.but AlT And ASP are raised and ALP parameter is below 400 range is considered as normal.so not to worry.but keep observing baby movements and better to repeat the test after 2 weeks.because sometimes it may cause some pregnancy related liver disorders like pre eclampsia and hellp syndrome.take care
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