32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello to all.. Today my Dr says ur baby size is small.. Tomorrow chk for colour ultrasound.. As it's mid 8th month.. Iam afraid now.. What will happen

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Answer: hi dear! so your doctor might have suggested for colour doppler to see if the baby is getting sufficient blood supply . as insufficient blood supply can cause retardation of the growth dear. so do this test and we will come to know what the problem is if there is nay . also start having alot of protein like eggs , panner ,soya , tofu . also threptin biscuits and almonds and i hope you are taking some protein powder dear. dont worry we should see what comes in the reports dear. take care.
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    Anonymous171 days ago

    Thanks for guidance but it's seriously problem or not

Answer: Sont worry dear bleav in GOD
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Answer: Dear exercises like kegels, squats, pelvic stretch, walking and some prenatal yoga will help you prepare urself for normal delievery. However ot is extremely important to learn these under a certified trainer so you do it right and get yhe benefit. Hope it helps.
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