32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello to all.. Today my Dr says ur baby size is small.. Tomorrow chk for colour ultrasound.. As it's mid 8th month.. Iam afraid now.. What will happen

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Answer: hi dear! so your doctor might have suggested for colour doppler to see if the baby is getting sufficient blood supply . as insufficient blood supply can cause retardation of the growth dear. so do this test and we will come to know what the problem is if there is nay . also start having alot of protein like eggs , panner ,soya , tofu . also threptin biscuits and almonds and i hope you are taking some protein powder dear. dont worry we should see what comes in the reports dear. take care.
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    Anonymous285 days ago

    Thanks for guidance but it's seriously problem or not

Answer: Sont worry dear bleav in GOD
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Question: Hello mam.. Today my ultrasound is done.. Dr says the waterbag is small.. Is it problematic??
Answer: Initial stage of pregnancy it is possible to have small amniotic sac compared to weeks of pregnancy which can grow afterwards which taking proper supplements and diet. But if remain small then then it can cause growth restriction in baby.
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Question: Hi.. It's my 8th month ending. Gas is filled in my stomach, what will happen and how to avoid
Answer: Take 1-2 tablespoon of roasted ajwain and boil it in one cup of water at night. Drink that water first thing in the morning. This should help you with the gas. Also try to find out which food is causing gas. Usually cabbage, cauliflower and potatoes cause gas. So avoid those vegetables for some time. You can even drink ajwain water 2 times a day. Keep walking and try and remain active. Eat small meals at a time.
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Question: Its my 32 weeks...dr said ur belly size is small according to their requirement...in ultrasound everything is fine...so.why the belly size matter for my dr?? Plz anyone reply me
Answer: Don't know why doctor said it. But the belly size doesn't matter as belly size depends upon the shape ,height and position of baby. If baby growth and development is fine then no need to worry. Even my belly was small but my baby is healthy and growing up-to the mark. Don't worry everything will be fine stay positive.
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