Few weeks old baby

Question: Hello, there. When can I start giving Desi ghee massage to my young one?

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Answer: Hello dear u can massage ur baby with desi ghee after 15 months but be careful as desi ghee can cause rashes if u apply it in summer season. So, massage ur baby with desi ghee only in winter season.
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Question: Hllo mam, my 8 month is going on can i start to take desi ghee now.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes, offcource.i had taken ghee in my last trimester too.it is medicinal and helps in normal delivery too.so please have it.
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Question: From when can we start giving ghee to baby
Answer: Hi,you can start when the baby is 8 months you can cook baby s meals in ghee add little of ghee initially a half teaspoon to see if it suits the baby. .it is more healthy to use ghee than to use oil.
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Question: Can i massage my baby with desi ghee?
Answer: my dearest you can massage a baby with desi ghee to keep the baby glowing skin soft take care dear
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