32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello please let me know what to do as my skin become very pigmented and very dark as well near lips and on cheeks there is very spots as well just because of pregnancy what to do please let me know???

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Question: Hi, i am 17 weeks pregnant, my face skin become very dull,pigmented,acne spots are there,what to do?
Answer: Hi, Skin discoloration is extremely common at all stages of pregnancy. It doesn’t usually appear overnight, but comes on gradually as your pregnancy progresses.but no matter what your skin looks like, the marks should fade after delivery.
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Question: Hello ma'am my daughter is 3yrs old and her skin becoming dark day by day and now her nails also removed what to do please let me know
Answer: It seems your daughter is suffering from deficiency of vitamins , consult a doctor and start medication. Use sunscreen and for glowing skin do ubtan once in a week
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Question: My skin become dark after delivery specially from tumy to thighs skin is very dark. What to do
Answer: Don't worry it will go away slowly bath with turmeric and food oil paste or else raw milk and turmeric apply all over you body twice in a week
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