34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello on USG it is found that water is less in amniotic sac. I am on 3rd trimester. On second trimester usg it was good. Kindly suggest

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Answer: hi dear! you will have to take l arginine sachets like argiprime but you should consult with your doctor first . also try to keep yourself hydrated. drink alot of water , or you can have buttermilk or coconut water. also take fruits and vegetables that have high content of water in them like watermelon , cauliflower , strawberries , broccoli , lettuce , tomatoes . and you will have to keep a check on it dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    Soma Adhikari608 days ago

    Thank you soo much Maam. Thanks a lot.

Answer: Consult doctor medicines will b to improve, u slso take water more,
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant and today morning I had water kind of discharge.Is it normal or is it amniotic fluid that forms in the sac?
Answer: Hi dear, You need to be sure,as it could also be u one leakage.bladder pressure increases in pregnancy,chances of urine leakage is also possible.sometimes thin white discharge is common too.if you have doubt,onc ch CK with your doctor.it should not be Amniotic fluid .
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Question: In my latest sonography found that amniotic fluid is 25 % less . Is it risky ? Or harmful for the child?
Answer: Drink more and more fluids to bring it to normal level. Or ask doctor to prescribe some sachets like arginine to increase afl. Fluid level more than 7 is manageable at this level and is not too risky.
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Question: is 3rd trimester. is it normal less interst in sex.
Answer: Hi,yes it is possible because there are.so many hormonal changes in the body are happening which causes less interest.
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