12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello..my test report says that i have gestational diabetes..is it posible to control the diabetes by food and healthy life style or i have to take insulin?

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Answer: if you have gestational diabetes stop intake of sugar in any form ..avoid sugar in milk .. add more vegetables to your lunch comparatively higher to the level of rice . you cannot reduce the quantity as you need to eat for two .. you can eat healthy , go for walking ,completely avoid bakery foods to keep your sugar levels in control . you cannot be in diet when pregnant . you can take healthier foods instead . Dont take rice at night . if you could eat more Greens and reduce your sugar level , your doctor may ask you to stop your insulin . but now since you have GD you must take your prescibed tablets . Eat kovakkai n guava. it is believed to reduce your sugar levels.
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    Aishwarya Lakshmi881 days ago

    Thanks a lot..

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Question: My gestational diabetes test after glucose is 206. Report says 80% chances of diabetes.... please suggest what i should do to control the same.
Answer: Hello, you should have proper diet to keep it controlled. Diet Plan for Gestational Diabetes Early Morning : (7.00 Am)  Kesar and cardamom + cinnamon flavored Milk(1 glass)  Whole Wheat Rusks(2 pieces ) Soaked Almonds (6 pieces)  Breakfast (9.00 Am)  Besan/ Mung dal chilla with chopped Palak and grated carrots – (2 medium sized) Curd1 Soup Bowl(1 Soup Bowl) OR Egg Omlette(2 No.) Toasted Brown Bread (2 slices) OR Vegetable oats upama (1 soup bowl) 11.00 Am  Apple /Guava / Pomegranate (1 medium size)  12.00 Pm  Coconut water / Lemonade (1 glass)  LUNCH(1.30 Pm)  Quinoa / Brown rice pulav with veggies (carrots , beans, capsicum , onions etc )- 1.5 soup bowl Dal tadka / Fish curry(1 soup bowl) sliced cucumber (1 medium) sliced tomatoes(2 medium size) (2.15 pm )Post Lunch walk  (15 mins ) 2.30 Pm  Buttermilk(1 glass)  4.30 Pm  Tea(1 cup) / Milk Wheat and methi Khakara (2 medium ) 6.00 Pm  2 Table spoon – Museli / wheat flakes / oats bite (avoid the sugar coated cereals ) 1 bowl milk 1 /2 apple with the peel evening walks (15 mins ) 7.30 Pm  Vegetable soup / Chicken soup(1 soup bowl)  DINNER (8.00 Pm)  Multi-grain roti with ghee (1 tsp )(2 medium size) Palak paneer veg(1 bowl, home made) Koshimbir / salad(1 bowl) (9.15 pm )Post dinner walk  (15 mins ) 10.00 Pm  Milk(1 glass) Soaked Almonds (6 pieces)
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Question: What are the reason for the gestational diabetes? And how to control it without taking insulin.
Answer: Hi dear, Diabetes or sugar during pregnancy is though a common but at the same time controling is equally important.normal sugar level post eating should be below 140 mg/DL. Fasting sugar should be below 100. Few life style changes can bring back sugar balance. Eat smaller frequent meals instead of larger meals.this will ensure sugar balance throughout the day. say no to all forms of sugar and avoid refined food. Whole grains and proteins which are slowly digested can raise sugar slowly.prefer brown rice over white rice.oats and whole wheat are preferred.exercises can be very beneficial during such cases too.keep monitoring sugar level. Uncontrolled sugar could make larger baby and preterm labor.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Should I take insulin to control my gestational diabetes problem. Is it safe to take insulin and should I maintain good diet only
Answer: It is absolutely safe to take insulin, there is no problem in that. But yes you need to control your diet also. Have less of carbohydrates and more of proteins
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