1 months old baby

Question: Hello my mother in law shaking a baby hardly daily, i told to her dnt do that but she didn't here anything. She shakes my baby hardly. Is there any problem came or not.i cant do anything against her.pls help me. And also she gave hard massage daily during bathing. Pls help me what can i do ,is there any problem came or not tell me pls

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Answer: No dont shake your baby..do not shake your baby hardly stop her..just sway the baby slowly in your hands..or swaddle your baby and soothe your baby if he is crying..but you should not shake your baby..
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    keerthana kannabiran643 days ago

    I can't do anything against her

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Question: My baby 8 months completed but she is motion very hard and she is no eat food very lean wt to do any problem pls suggest me
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby might be having constipation problem. Remedies for ur baby: 1. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. 2. Offer Fruit Juice 3. Feed High-Fiber Foods 4. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 5. Try a Different Brand of Formula 6. Take Your Baby's Temperature 7. Massage Her Tummy 8. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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Question: My 4.10months baby's poop is in lots of bubbles n bubbles like foam poop...daily 5 to 6 times she going...is there any problem...pls help me...
Answer: Hello dear Mucous in the babys poop is a cause of concern. Babies who are breastfed may be more likely to have mucus in their poop because their stool passes through their intestines. Teething can also be a reason of excessive mucous in babys poop. Teething can irritate the intestines, resulting in excess mucus in the stool. Mucus in baby poop isn’t a cause for concern. If a baby is formula-fed, a doctor may recommend switching formulas to a milk-free.
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Question: Hello, everyone my daughter is 2 months old she hardly sleep i can't do any work anything c- section i hardly got any rest please help me
Answer: Before taking her to bath give ur baby massage with coconut oil or Figaro Olive oil then give ur baby warm water bath she will feels relax and will sleep Give massage twice a day
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