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Question: Hello my lmp was 20 june i hv chkd 3 tyms but its negative and der is no other symtomps of prrgnancy but my calf is paining from 6 days as i walk its paining

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Answer: My periods starts jan 27 and end date jan 30 but dis month tdy date march 3 iam not get period
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Question: Hello my lmp was 20th jan i missed my period i hav chkd 3 tyms but its shows negative in the kit what to do
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally you should wait for a week and then check.also on should check with first urine in during that time there is maximum Pregnancy hormones.give some time and retest.if you wish you can take up a blood test now to see the levels of beta HCG .
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Question: My lmp was 20 sept.i took my test on 30th October and its positive . But no vomiting,or any other symptoms .why? How much week pregnant i am ?
Answer: Hi dear, It is perfectly cousin sister too had smooth pregnancy.she never had any nausea or vomitings.she was looking so non pregnant with no cravings too.only when her bump started to show,people got to know she's depends on each one.every pregnancy is different.if your blood work and last scan was normal,then donot worry at all about the symptoms.
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Question: Hello my lmp was 11 aug i missed my period i have chkd 3 times in kit still its showing negative
Answer: Me too faced the same issue while checking by using home pregnancy kit. But after consulting the gynic nd undergoing the blood test it was confirmed.
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