14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello my doctr told me that my baby has spine defect. What should i do? I am very tensed

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Question: My baby has cogenital heart defect what should I do
Answer: Hello dear, please discuss with the pediatrician and get your baby checked by cardiologist... to know how dangerous the heart defect is and what can be done to help your baby.. sweetie I know it's tough... But you need to be brave for your baby..that poor child doesn't even know what is happening...so please stay positive and do whatever is required.. lots of hugs and sending you a lot of positive Vibes.. hoping everything turns out fine...
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Question: Hello yesterday doctor told me that i have mild polyhydramnios.. plz suggest wht should i do i am very tensed.
Answer: Now a days polyhydramnious we are hearing from so many no need to fear in this case as you are 36 weeks of pregnant with in few days you are going to deliver doctor may suggest for LSCS in case of any need but how is your baby weight to be known by you some times growth may be less or normal So no need to worry there are some procedures to remove excess amniotic fluid but as you are 36 weeks that may vary
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Question: Hello ! I am now just 24 week pregnant. doctor told me that my child is in breech position. Please tell me what is this? I am very tensed.
Answer: hi dear Breech Position is the stage where the feet of the baby are close to the birth canal. In this position, the baby's head is released in the last. Due to this there is problem in making him come out. In this way, sometimes the umbilical cord rolls arounf the neck.please dont be worried .you are in 24 th week and breech position can change by 30-32 week. Be happy my best wishes are with you.
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