7 months old baby

Question: Hello.. my daughter is month now.. i have a c section..I have got my first chums a month back but still bleeding is not stoped. . a very less but still have to keep pad.. its really annoying... can you please tell its normal. .

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Question: I had my c section on 8th feb but my bleeding has not stopped till date its very light but i have to use a pad and also somtimes i feel moderate irritation in my vagina.. Please advise
Answer: After delivery how much days the bleeding will happen that much good . By that the waste all will come out . Just keep washing your vagina with hotwater it will reduce irritation.
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Question: Its 10weeks after my c section I have a vaginal bleeding is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, most bleeding during pregnancy doesn't lead to long-term problems." If you're in your first 12 weeks, keep in mind that many women spot during the first trimester, so bleeding probably doesn't mean you're having a miscarriage. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Mam after c-section itz almost 1month and 30 days its still bleeding in a less amount
Answer: hi, there are few medicines only that you can take during your pregnancy and that too not without consulting your doctor. for headache take steam or do pranayam you will feel better
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