13 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby was 11 months old. Is it safe using diapers for whole day

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Question: Using diapers for whole day, is it safe ?
Answer: Hello dear If u are doing that then baby is not getting enough air there because of which due to wet and also sweating ur baby's skin becomes dark from that area. So, dont use diapers full day for ur baby. If ur baby is at home then u can wear him cotton pants.
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Question: Is it safe to keep diaper for new born baby for whole day. My baby is 11 days old
Answer: Using diaper on daily basis or as you mentioned almost all time sometimes lead to allergy. It is not at all good to use diaper all time. The reason behind this is Child will have very sensitive skin, due to moisture and water inside diaper skin will be affected by bacteria. Sometimes it leads to rashes, infection for skin. It is necessary to use diaper when it neede or avoidable to use diaper. Other time it is best to use clothes. Also it is needed to take care when we use diaper. After removal of diaper, it is needed to clean well it by either soft tissues or soft cloth. Also need to use Powder to avoid moisture, and after this it is needed to keep baby without diaper or cloth for few minutes.
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Question: Im using diapers for my baby whole day is there any problem
Answer: Hi. No problem til you maintain the hygien. Keep cahnhing babies diaper every 4-5 hours or whenever its full. Do check if bay hass pooped or not if has pooped change the diaper immediately.
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