10 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby is 9 months old can I give him oats and sooji together for a meal?

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Answer: Hello dear, you can give him both together but both are heavy on stomach and keep stomach full for longer time. So, it's better to give these two items separately.
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    Amrapali Roy Chowdhury605 days ago

    Thank u..

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Question: My baby is 8th months old.. How many times i give him meal in a day??
Answer: 3 meals - cerelac/ home made ragi malt, rice kichidi ( moong dhal / carrot) with half teaspoon of pure ghee, oats/ broken wheat/rava porridge. 1 snack- vegetables/Fruits *Boiled and mashed veggies (carrot, sweet potato. Avoid beets and cabbage). *You can also give them in soup form. Add two Or three types off veggies add minimal water boil and strain the veggies after 2-3 whistles. Serve with a small pinch off jeera powder. Or *Steamed and pushed apple *Mashed fully ripe Elaichi banana *Pomogranate juice You can opt to give any one of those listed above. 4 feeds of milk- Breast milk / Formula feeds. Note: Avoid cow's milk upto one year. Make sure that all the containers used to prepare/ feed baby food are well sterilized. Watch out for food allergies-follow three day rule . Keep feeding the baby with something every 3 hours once.
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Question: Can we give oats to my 9 months old baby?
Answer: Hi. You can give Try to powder is first so that you can cook it well. And secondly you can cook it in water and give the baby. Please don't use cows milk as its not recommended for the baby till one year.. Use water and on top of it you can add formula powder mix and give. You can even add fruits mashed. It will improve the taste. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 6 months old today. Shall i give him dal ka paani and sooji
Answer: Hi dear, yes u can start with daal ka Paani and fruit puree and few days later once baby is ok with this u can introduce sooji . Don't start with everything together.
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