2 months old baby

Question: Hello...my baby is 50 days old...and m using nipple shield from starting..., My nipple is too small so how i increase my nipple...

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Answer: If you use nipple shield your nipple will be big. Try giving directly sister. Otherwise your baby will demand nipple shield always. While your baby more hungry you can give directly. Otherwise if your baby not accepting give milk using nipple shield and in the middle remove it and give directly through breast. Try 2-3 days like that. Once Ur baby is able to drink on that side don't use nipple shield on that side. Try for another side too. Don't worry for small nipple. Your baby can drink
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Question: My nipple is very small so I used nipple shield how to avoid this one and how to expand nipple
Answer: Hi.. Use a pump to draw out the nipple before offering it to the baby.Stimulate your nipple with a cold compress to make the nipple protrude. Pull back on the areola before you latch the baby on.Find a nursing position that allows you to support your breast and the baby’s head while working on the correct latch. To avoid nipple shield Immediately before breastfeeding baby, hand express or pump just until let-down and then latch baby on.Ensure baby opens his mouth widely to encourage him to take as much  breast tissue into his mouth as possible for a wide, deep latch
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Question: I have inverterd nipples, so I think using nipple shield,which company nipple shield is better?
Answer: Medela is a brand that many breastfeeding mothers trust. ... Another leader in the breastfeeding field, Lansinoh has a lot of help for breastfeeding moms available on its website. ... Philips Avent calls its device a nipple protector rather than a nipple shield, but it is used in the same way as a nipple shield.
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Question: Doctor my baby is 5 days old nd i m having small nipple pblm so i m using shield for that ,will i have to use shield always or nipples will come out with time
Answer: Hello dear, you can stimulate your breasts for your nipples to stand out..try using ice or gently rub your nipples in circular motion to stimulate it before feeding your baby...this should help reduce the usage of nipple shield...
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