3 months old baby

Question: Hello.,my baby is 2month 15days old.. his head temperature is higher than his body temperature.,is it normal?

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Answer: Yes it is normal only...no need to worry
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Question: Hii.. Mommies.. My baby is 6. 5 mnths old.. His head temperature is higher than its body temperature.. Is tht nrml in baby..??
Answer: Yes it is considered to be normal as due to hot temperature and also as teething phase begins from. 6 months of age so even during teething phase the head of baby remains hot than body and is normal don't worry
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Question: My babies head temperature higher than the body is it normal?
Answer: Hi, check the temperature of the baby if the temperature is within the normal range then there is nothing to worry it is absolutely normal as I have personally experienced this even my baby's forehead always used to remain warmer as compared to the body but she never had fever so doctor also advise me that there is nothing to worry in that.
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Question: My baby's head temperature is higher than body temperature from two days. Is it headache?
Answer: Climate change symptoms. Put some oil on baby head. Massage slowly your baby head.
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