15 months old baby

Question: Hello ....my baby is 15 months old..he hit his head on the floor, in the wall...to us also whenever he gets angry or normally also.. and get himself hurt....please help me is it normal...does this habit exist in every infant ...what shoul i do to stop him hitting his head...We are really worried...please help us

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Answer: its exists only in angry babies. other try n do it once or twice n not more make sure u feed the baby before he gets too hungry. when hungry also children do it. it also might be because ur trying to wean of breast milk you need to be a little extra careful n dont let this happen all the time. divert his attention towards a toy n ask to catch it when he tries to hit somewhere once or twice when hit hard to realize it pains he will stop doing it
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Question: My baby is one year old now. He used to hit his head on the floor when he gets angry or when we scold him. How can i stop this??
Answer: Yes same with me Specially boys are too naughty I had experience with my baby boy he is 13month old he is behaving same Actually im diverting his mind whenever he will behave like this u too follow same
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Question: My 1 nd half yr old son keeps hitting his head on d floor or wall wherever he gets whenever he gets angry. He has not yet started talkng bt he understands whatever we tel him. what can i do to stop him from hitting his head?
Answer: Hi dear, whenever you feel baby is getting angry just divert his mind from the situation. When he is hitting head don't over react rather start talking something else to him or show him something just to divert his mind. This will help and gradually baby will stop it. Also sometimes baby do such things to seek attention so make sure to spend more time with him that helps.
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Question: my baby is turning over & hitting his face on the floor, hurting himself forcefully & crying alot. wat can be done to stop this. he is frequently flipping
Answer: i dont think your baby is banging head purposely...at this age the neck support is not developed completely...hence it might be falling down again and again...dont worry...for now just put cushions all around him and make sure someone is around him all the time
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