13 months old baby

Question: Hello... my baby girl is 1 year old. From Tuesday she had fever and it was treated to but from yesterday she is having pain in her abdomen. She is not passing urine. I visited doctor they gave me medicines forn stomach ache but still ahe is having pain and doctor said her can't recognize what's wrong. Now from yesterday her body is having red paches on her hole body even on her face. I am too worried plz help me she had no sleep full night yesterday plz hell me

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Question: My baby is 24day old she is having gas ND I had put hing on her stomach but still she is having problem plz help me
Answer: Try these Tips • Swaddling. Wrapping baby up tight can soothe your gassy baby by mimicking the coziness of the womb. • Rocking or bouncing. As with swaddling, O’Connor says, the motion of rocking or bouncing simulates the environment in your uterus, helping to relax baby. • Using a pacifier. “Almost all babies will find some baby gas relief by sucking on a pacifier,” O’Connor says, because the sucking action releases endorphins that will soothe baby. • Infant massage. Simply rubbing baby’s belly may be helpful, since massage can help calm the nerve signals in baby’s immature intestines. • Encouraging movement. If your gassy baby is in severe discomfort, try the “baby bike ride.” Lay baby on his or her back and move the legs in an up-and-down pedaling motion. This helps move gas along physically, but also helps soothe and calm nerves in the intestines.
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Question: Baby crying from yesterday.....she had cough cold fever......... doctor gave medicines....but from night she is not even feeding milk
Answer: Hello ma'am You can try home remedies --- For the relief of nasal block at night use humidifier and before making baby sleep do nasal aspiration. Put small saline drops in nose and use a bulb and so aspiration. Apply warm mustard oil on chest and foot sole. Elevate the baby's head a bit and make him sleep.And if these dont work than visit the doctor again . For feeding problems do consult your gynaecologist Take care
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Question: My baby is suffering from cold.i hv gvn her medicines but from yesterday she is not taking breastmilk.is it normal
Answer: Hi as due to cold baby may refuse breastfeeding so give steam apply eucyptius oil on clothes and on bed side keep baby warm and keep the room temperature warm. Give baby skin to skin touch comfort him pamper him baby will drink milk take care
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