3 months old baby

Question: Hello, my baby always prefer to speep on side or else stomach backside..is that fine?

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Question: Is it fine to sleep on my right side bcoz am more comfortable on that side
Answer: Hi deae sometimes u can sleep on right but prefer sleeping on left as it helps u getting a proper flow of blood and also give a proper supply of neutrition to ur baby. It also helps in avoiding back pain breathlessness which get common when u move forward to ur 3rd trimester.
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Question: Always i should sleep on left side or else we can sleep right side or not?
Answer: It's better to sleep on left side as much as possible dear.... Sometimes u can change position...but left side sleeping is more advised
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Question: My baby always goes to the right side, whatever side i sleep. Creates a lot of stretching feeling that side. Hope this is fine?
Answer: Hello! It is fine and nothing to worry. Also your changing of sides doesn't change the baby's side. So nothing to worry. Take care
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