15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello moms actually my biggest concern is air pollution like from past days their are lot of pollution even inside the house you can see the fog how to deal in this situation. I think all moms deal with this situation right now.

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Answer: Wear mask or veil when going outside. Keep oxygen supplying indoor plants like ferns. Try buying small air purifier which can be kept inside ur bedroom.
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Question: I have recently lost my mother, i m unable to cope up with the loss as i have a great bond with her. No one in this world is more than her, i am going through 7month and all the time feel like to die n keep on crying. I don't know how to deal with the situation, my mother wanted to see the child and left me alone in this world. Please guide me how to deal with this situation?
Answer: Hello dear... I'm sorry fr d loss.. even I went through d same phase as u... I know it's very tough.. even I lost my mom wen I was 8 months pregnant .. Now my baby is 3 months old.. this is d toughest time u have to go through.. Be strong think about Ur child inside u.. Am sure Ur baby ll change Ur world but no one can replace Ur mother dats fr sure... Take Ur husband support.. he should be Ur support pillar... Ask him to be Ur side always.. don't stay alone.. always try to think of Ur baby talk to Ur baby.. More than anyone u should console urself... Be strong.. U should be strong u should give courage to Ur family members never think dat u lost everything u still have reason to live in this world.. soon u gonna have Ur mom back.. I'm sure u ll be blessed with baby gal like me... All the best.. Be strong stay strong..
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Question: Hi, my son is 2.10 year old. He is grown up in maternal house, but now he had come to paternal house.. but he's not getting enough attention that he was getting before in maternal home. He behaves all the time irritated, frustrated, angry or very emotional. I couldn't understand how to deal with this situation. Sometimes I get so much angry.
Answer: Its ua fault jab bache ko maa baap ki zaroorat hoti tumlog pas nahi hote or jab bache kisi or p depnded ho jate to unlog ko dante ho jab k galti aplog ki hai Bache k sat deal karna chahe aram se piyar se kahi ghumane le jao sat m acha tym spnd karo us k sat us p gussa na karo piyar se samjhao use apne pas sulaya karo vo jo chahta hai la k do use
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Question: Hi....actually am fine with pregnancy no dizziness no vomitings...but am getting stomach pain from starting of my pregnancy ..i wont think abt that.i asked my doctor abt this..she said stomach pain is common during pregnancy like dat she told.....now am getting lot of lot of pain...is this ok?? Any harmful to baby????plz suggest me
Answer: It might be because of gas.. drink 2 to 3 glasses of buttermilk.. if it not works check with the dr
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