4 months old baby

Question: Hello mie baby is 3month n 17 days old but mie breast milk is very less kindly help I feed mie baby with formula but he refused to take now daes so m worried

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Answer: Hello dear If u have less milk production then u can take fenugreek seeds for milk production. It will help in increase milk supply within 1-3 days. Once you have reached a point at which you have enough milk, discontinue taking the fenugreek seeds and thus u can breastfeed ur baby.
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Question: Hi my baby is of 6 months previously he used to take both bottle formula feed and breast feed. but suddenly now he is refusing formula milk. I have to join office within next 10 days. kindly suggest what to do. I m very worried plz help
Answer: 2/6 joining ofc 7 m After joining office you can pump your breast milk and refrigerate it , it is complety safe and better option for your kids requirement when you were in office. My many working friends are using it and very satisfied with pumps. Electronic pumps are better then manual one , they are more user friendly , time saving and comfortable. your baby is already seven months old and having solid foods so her dependency on breast milk is automatically decreased.so there is ni problem in continuing breast milk, when you were in office pumped breast milk can be given and when you were with baby you can feed her on your own.
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Question: My baby is 17 days old n am producing very less milk so doc has started formula milk... But I want to give my milk to my child... How can I increase breast milk... Pls give some suggestions n tips
Answer: Hello! Nurse, is your answer. The more you nurse the more will be the supply. Simultaneously also pump milk with the help of a breast pump. This also helps to increase the supply. When ever your baby is hungry, first feed your baby breastmilk and then if required formula milk. Drink lots of water, especially before and after the feeding sessions. Shatavari , fenugreek and fennel seeds. Foods like milk , Almonds, Orange Masoor dal , spinach, Garlic , sesame and poppy seeds  and ragi kanji also help in increasing milk secretions.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old... He is totally on formula milk... I hv enough milk suply..bt He refused to take breastmilk.. is der any prblm with his health since he is on formula milk?? Am worried abt ths..
Answer: Hi,if your baby is refuses to latch although you are getting good milk production you should express yourilk and feed through the feeder because is very healthy for the baby.
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