9 months old baby

Question: Hello,mera baby 7months and 20 din Ka he abhi usko face par aur hips par lal dane aa gaye....kya karu thik karne ke liye

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Question: I have a 20 days old baby girl...usko face pe vahut red and dane dane aa rahe hai
Answer: Hii dis is common to baby. Typically, the acne will resolve on its own, even without treatment. still do follow below tips 1) don't scrub the acne and make baby bath with oats water. Make a powder of oats and mix it in bathing water then make baby take bath with it. Towel dry after bath. 2) avoid applying any lotions.  3)Avoid pinching or squeezing the acne. This will irritate your baby’s skin and may make the problem worse. 4) Though concerning, baby acne is typically harmless. It should resolve on its own in a short period of time. All the best.  5) BREAST MILK Breast milk works wonders with baby acne. Soak a cotton ball in breast milk and apply on the affected area 3-4 times a day.  6)It is considered best treatment for delicate skin. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and apply with cotton wool. Let it rest for half an hour. then rinse off.  7)COCONUT Oll. Nothing beats the soothing effect of coconut oil. Put a few . drops of organic coconut oil on cotton wool and apply four times a day on your baby's skin.  8) CORNSTARCH Mix it with a little water and apply a thin layer of it on the affected area. Let it dry for almost an hour before washing with lukewarm water. Apply once a day.  Note Check for allergy first. Do not use if there are signs of irritation. 
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Question: mera baby 7 month ka hai aur mera belly abhi tak Nikla Hua Hai tu kya kar usko andar karne ke liye I had cesarean delivery
Answer: Hi dear  yes I understand ur concern. don't stress as it took u 9 months to gain this weight so will takw some time to loose till 6 Months of delivery u shouldn't do exercise but u can do brisk walk. Also u stict to breastfeeding and have 8 to 10 glasses of water as proper water intake also helps reducing weight. Take a balanced and good diet. Make sure to stay away from stress as it is common to get postpartum stress. Try to get a proper sleep of 8 to 9 hours even in small small interval. If ur delivery done 1 month back then u should wear abdominal belt to keep tummy under control.
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Question: mere baby face pe kuch dane dane type aa gaye h.. like pimple.. kya karu ...??
Answer: kuch ni ye almost sabhi baby ko ate h ap coconut oil apply kar dijiye 1 2 din me chale jaenge.
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